Rumbdy UX and Web Design

Rumby is a E-sports portal build around participating in tournaments and community. We were commissioned to design the UX and the visual side of the website. The goal was to create something that would be modular, easily modifiable and customisable

Rumbdy was a large project involving a design of a robust e-spotrs platform that would evolve over time. There was a need to create a design language that would allow an easy implementation of new functionality as the service matures. 

User Experience

The basis for the design and structure of the website was created during an extensive user experience design stage. Aspects such as navigation, elements that would improve user conversion and the service's architecture were dertemined and incorporated into wireframes created for anything from login pop-ups to tournament results pagers. Those wireframes were then translated into desktop and mobile version designs.

A set of wireframes were created for the project that showed the client the sites planned structure. Usually it's only on large and complex projects like this where the client is involved in the creation of wireframes.


Various elements of the site were design to be standalone component for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that it had to be easy to change their functionality and placement without having to worry about the visual aspect. Another was that due to the service's ever-evolving nature the components would evolve with it, therefore they had to be universal in structure and to a point in appearance as well.

We've designed an icon set for the website to give it more personality. The set was later converted to a font file for easy usage and scalability.

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