GeoPal Solutions Frontend & Drupal Development

GeoPal is a Mobile Workforce Management company based in Dublin. It connects field workers, field assets and IoT sensors through mobile and cloud technology.

The term 'Mobile Workforce Management' is often used in reference to field teams. It describes a category of software and services used to manage employees working outside of the company premises.

GeoPal is a Mobile Workforce Management solutions provider with headquarters in Dublin and offices in London, Madrid and New York.  They provide a customizable application that connects field workers, remote assets and internet of things sensors, leveraging field data to immediately gain actionable insights and increase the productivity, profitability and health and safety compliance of your business. 

We have been contracted by Dara Creative, one of the leading Dublin design and growth marketing agencies, to develop the website based on compelling designs they made.


We have provided full development service, including content modelling, front-end development, back-end development using Drupal 7, testing and optimization.

One of the challenges we faced was to develop the variety of available landing pages in a way that allows intuitive editing. We achieved that by implementing a combination of content types and paragraphs which gives editors much needed flexibility when adding new pages.


Key features include variety of content rich landing pages, list pages with filters and multiple contact forms. One of the visual treats of the front-end are the animations used throughout to introduce and highlight new content appearing on the page. Even with the website's extensive sitemap we've build a fully responsive navigation that provides easy access to all pages on any device.

Additionally, website features a payment page connected with Stripe gateway. We've built it on top of Drupal's Webform Stripe module which we customized in order to cover currency selection on the form.


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