Epstal Web design & development

Website designed and built with high readability in mind for a Polish company promoting high quality construction steel.

The Epstal website's main goal was to provide a platform where the client could present large amounts of text and data in an easily digestible form.

The biggest challenge for Epstal was formatting the content. Screens are not the best medium for reading large amounts of text as the screen glare, reflections and OS interface elements are a distraction. That makes focusing on the text much more difficult. It's important then to break up long stretched of written data by images, clever formatting and white space. Therefore with such a content heavy website our goal was to minimise the negative aspects of reading from a screen.


Even before the development begun we knew that the speed at which the page will be loaded and rendered will be very important. We've paid great attention to that aspect by optimising the website to be as fast as possible. 

The websites is, of course, fully responsive and build in a way that makes the best use of any device's screen real estate.

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