Dekode Team

Hello World! We Are Dekode Studio and This is Our New Website.

Welcome to the Dekode Studio website. We hope you like it.

Dekode is a design and web development studio, currently consisting of three team members - Piotr Sosiński, Piotr Matysiak and Paweł Durczok. We're based in Poland, but are working for international clients (and local as well). If you would like to learn more about us check out our "About" page. There is a saying, the shoemaker's children go barefoot and for a long time that was the case with Dekode. While we made successful websites for our clients we didn't have our own.

But we doubled down and lo and behold our very own website manifested itself on the World Wide Web. We're very proud of it!

As the time passes you'll be able to find our latest projects here, new blog posts where you'll read our thoughts on the state of the industry, case studies of our projects, editorials and much more. Hey, we may even throw in some personal stuff in here as well... and some surprises. So be sure to check out the site regularly and have your eyes open. 

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But for now, have a look around and enjoy the website.