We Are Dekode Let Us Help You Decode Your Message

Dekode is a creative studio specializing in web design, development and branding. We work closely with our clients to provide effective solutions.

We are veterans in the industry. With almost three decades of combined experience, we've completed projects in design and development ranging from illustrations, through branding, brochure websites and digital campaigns, to membership and e-commerce platforms, leaving a footprint in Ireland, UK, USA, Poland and many other countries.

We've created projects for universities, tech industry, small businesses, gaming industry and many others. We help our partners to decode their message for their clients. 

Paweł Durczok


Piotr Sosiński


We're a small team with big ambitions and even bigger passion for what we do. We work always with the end user in mind creating work that not only looks the part, but most importantly works effectively. Dekode works hard to deliver custom products for any type of business and client. Our craftsmanship, work ethic and experience are all resources we use to create remarkable products.


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